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Casino Tropez would seem to take the idea of the sign up bonus to extremes, there are currently four, yes four individual types of sign up bonus that when totalled come to a staggering $3,000 or more. I certainly have never found a casino offering such a huge amount of free money as a sign up bonus; Casino Tropez certainly seems to take attracting new online gamblers very seriously. The first sign up bonus is a standard new player type; they will match your initial purchase of chips with a free deposit of their own up to a value of 100.


Welcome to Casino Tropez

Casino Tropez presents you with a very Las Vegas style of graphics and sound.

Sign up bonus



A rather cool idea sees the second bonus offering to give you 50% free on your second deposit up to a value of $200. Then we have the Sunday bonus, it took me a while to work this one out, once I had I was amazed! It will give you 100% bonus upon deposit up to $100 for 27 weeks in a row, which is a breathtaking extra $2,700! Lastly we have the High Roller bonus, if you deposit $1,000 or more they will credit an additional $500 to your account. What an incredible amount of free cash is to be had from Casino Tropez!


Software installation happens in three stages, firstly a small installer application is downloaded, and this will place an icon on your desktop. Clicking this icon will the start the downloader application and the client will be downloaded to you local PC. Once the download is finished then the installer starts and the client is installed quickly and efficiently. Progress bars keep you informed of the current installation state at all times and the whole install routine works very well.
Firing up the client for the first time following the download and install, you will be sent to the new account registration window. Setting up your account is easy, just follow the instructions and supply all of the required information. Once completed you will be passed to the login screen, enter your newly setup username and password to enter the casino proper.


Casino Tropez presents you with a very Las Vegas style of graphics and sound, very brash, very Americanised and very much fun. This client application is not designed to look like a subtle, calm and boring place, it is loud and in your face in a modern day casino fashion. I found myself being sidetracked by the cool graphics and animations as I navigated my way around the software.


Live dealer at Casino Tropez

I was really shocked to be presented by a live video feed of a real live dealer! Cool!


I jumped into one of the "live" card games and was really shocked to be presented by a live video feed of a real live dealer! I watched in open mouthed amazement as a lovely looking oriental girl dealt out cards to me and my co-players at the Blackjack table. This is surely one of the coolest things I have ever seen in an online casino, it is even possible to chat with the dealer using a discrete chat client found at the top right corner of the gaming window. Really I had a lot of fun in this live game, it almost felt like being in a real casino. Due to a live dealer being involved, the game progressed quite slowly, this would make learning to play Blackjack fairly stress free for a new player. Also because there are other real players at the same table, sometimes the game will stop for a short time as they consider their options. Although I should say that the game progressed at a similar rate to that of a real Blackjack table.


After a fair few hands of Blackjack in the live room I hopped across for a game of craps. The craps table is a real piece of art, very well presented graphically and the animation of the bouncing dice is first rate! The accompanying sounds were also very realistic and I had a great time rolling those dice down the table time and time again. I was new to playing craps, never played before online or in a real casino; it was very easy to learn the game here at Casino Tropez


I noticed a "live support" button in the main gaming window, I was really pleased to see this, there were obviously real people online and ready to deal with any problems I was facing, this is a facility I think all online casinos should offer, not only to help but to make sure the players realise that they are playing on a safe site with people there to help if things go wrong. In a similar fashion the cashier section of the casino is equally impressive, many quality ways to deposit and withdraw money, indeed the whole back end screams quality at you when you try it out for the first time. I wish more of the established online casinos would take Casino Tropez as an example of how and online gaming site should be run.


Casino tropez blackjack table

The game progressed at a similar rate to that of a real Blackjack table.


If I take into consideration the extremely generous sign up bonus offered by Casino Tropez, along with the very well produced gaming client, then I have no qualms at all in recommending this as a top rate online casino. I will definitely be visiting this casino again in the future, it is among the best internet gaming sites have ever played at. Definitely a 6 out of 6 from me, a sure fire winner in my books.


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