About Online Poker vs. BlackJack


Some people have played poker in their homes and casinos for years, while others got their start in the poker world by playing online poker. Both routes can lead to fun and excitement, whether you play poker as an occasional pastime or are looking to become a serious pro.


No matter how you play online poker, there are a few ways to get the full benefits of the experience.


Choose Your Online Poker Site Wisely
There are many online poker rooms out there. Some have a reputation of over a decade of quality service, while others may be new ventures looking to make a name for themselves. Some are linked to a larger international online casino while others may prohibit U.S. players.
Take the time to do your research and find the online poker site that’s just right for you.


Don’t Play Too Many Hands in Online Poker
No matter what type of poker you play, the biggest mistake new players make is trying to play every hand. There are not that many good hands in poker and in most cases you shouldn’t even be playing half the hands you are dealt.
Be patient and wait for quality hands and you will be rewarded.


Use Online Poker Bonuses
When you decide on a new online poker site to sign up with, be sure to hunt down a sign-up bonus code online. These bonus codes can mean extra money in your account, in many cases doubling your deposit. Failure to take advantage of this fact is just like giving away money that you’ll need in order to build an effective online poker bankroll.


Like poker Black jack is a systematic game. Follow the blackjack chart and with a litte luck you will get paid. Poker is a more dynamic game:


The most played variations of poker are Texas Hold’em, Omaha Poker, 7 Card Stud and Draw Poker. You will soon find descriptions of all these poker variations at this website. Online poker is a skill game, and for this reason it is a good alternative to playing at the casinos. In poker the best players win. On the short term, however, weaker players have chances to win quite a few pots.


If you like black jack, you will also love video poker


When talking about video poker compared to blackjack - Yes, video poker do have the highest expected return. But the variance of videopoker is much higher then the variance in blackjack. If you play videopoker your bankroll will go up and down like a roller coaster - that is far more risky than black jack because the game has a low variance.