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I guess we should start by talking about the sign up bonus offered by EuroGrand Casino, as this is often the single thing that attracts a new gambler to register with a fresh casino. EuroGrand Casino offers two very good forms of sign up bonus. Firstly there is the standard type which gives you free cash into your gaming account when you first load it with some of your own. This gives a whopping $150 bonus if you deposit $50, one of the most incredibly generous offers I have ever found. The second one is named the High Roller and will add $1000 to your account if you purchase an equivalent $1000 amount of chips, double your money! This is how every sign up bonus should be! Other casinos please take note!


Welcome to EuroGrand

I was impressed by the interface of Euro Grand, the colour scheme chosen is very restful on the eye.

Sign up bonus at Euro Grand



Ok so now we have the financial aspects out of the way and have covered the sign up bonus offered by EuroGrand Casino, let's move onto the actual software installation and setup. Like many online casinos these days, the software installation is started by downloading a small (less than 1Mb) installer application.


Running this application will then start the download of the full software package, displaying a progress bar on the screen whilst you wait. Once finished the actual install takes place, this is very quick, indeed the whole install routine is very well put together.


Once you run the software you will be presented with an account registration screen, this asks for all the usual information and will guide you through getting your account setup and ready to play. Once this step is complete you will be returned to the login screen, enter your username and password and off you go!
Once inside the casino, I was impressed by the interface, the colour scheme chosen is very restful on the eye and the animations used in the separate games are very well produced and not too heavy, they do not distract from the actual game in progress, instead they make things more pleasurable by offering a small amount of eye candy.


blackjack at Eurogrand
Playing blackjack at EuroGrand

All in all a very good Blackjack client, and a joy to use.


For the purpose of this review I chose to play mostly Blackjack at EuroGrand Casino, I did try a few of the other games and the slots but mostly I stuck with Blackjack. When you decide to play a game, the software will check to see if you have played it before, if not it will download the files you need to play the game before starting it. I chose to play a single player Blackjack table, waited a short while for the download to finish and then was presented with the actual table in all its glory!


There were three seats at the table; I was able to play all three at once, effectively playing three hands per deal. The pace of the game is slow enough to allow even new Blackjack players to do this with little stress. The whole presentation of the table is extremely slick, and a total joy to play. Everything is intuitive; if you know how to play Blackjack then you will be able to play within seconds. One of the features I liked the most was the re-bet button at the end of a hand, using this button will place the same bets as you used in the previous hand on the table. This saved me a lot of time when playing 3 hands a deal as I did not have to click my chip stack to bet for each hand. Once betting is completed you just click the deal button and the hand starts. All in all a very good Blackjack client, and a joy to use.


I also played some Hold'em poker, this was a little more confusing at first than the Blackjack table, it was a lot more cluttered on the table and took me a few hands to discern how things worked. Within a couple of minutes I was up to speed and had a really good run before some bad luck and some unnecessary risks saw me lose a large chunk of my stake money! All my own fault, I never could resist playing poker like a madman!



Playing slots at EuroGrand is great fun

Sign up bonus at Euro Grand



The slots were great fun, and the rate at which you can keep them spinning is mind boggling, I thoroughly recommend anyone playing this casino to check out the video slots, they are extremely well put together and it is quite possible to lose yourself in them. A very nice feature, especially since it is so easy to get carried away with the slots, is the ability to set a machine limit, you can allocate some of your funds into the machine limit and play until it runs out. This way you remove the risk of playing so fast you burn too much cash without realising it.
Lastly let's talk about the cashier option; this single piece of the casino environment shocked me more than any other. It is very well presented with a myriad of deposit and withdrawal options, I have never seen so many ways to either put in or take out money from an online casino.


If online gambling is your thing then the combination of impressive sign up bonus and very well put together gaming client make EuroGrand Casino an excellent choice. Give it a try; I am sure you will like it as much as I did.


Yours- Gambling Jack


Sign up bonus at Euro Grand