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I was initially quite shocked when I realised that Bodog Casino offer very little in the way of signup bonus. When we consider that other casinos are often seen to give a signup bonus in excess of $1000, why is Bodog Casino only offering 10% bonus on the first deposit a new customer makes?


That doesn't seem much of a signup bonus to me, and I was convinced it would take something special to make me believe that Bodog Casino was worth playing, after all, an awful lot more free money can be had elsewhere as a signup bonus, much more than Bodog Casino are offering. So what do they have that made it worth my time playing? Well firstly, the wager limit is lower than most, this was a good start. Let's look a little closer.


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The wager limit is lower than most, this is a good start.


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Installation was a breeze, simply download the small installer application, double click it after it has been saved to your desktop and full game client download begins. Depending upon your internet connection, this download should take no more than a few minutes. Software installation starts automatically once the download has been completed, all very painless with no problems encountered. Upon running the client, you will be sent to the new customer signup screen, just follow the prompts and enter the required information. Once your account is set up you will be asked for your username and password and can then enter the casino proper.


I had been playing draw poker at another casino earlier in the day, so decided to stay with the poker theme for this review and jump onto a Caribbean Hold'EM table. The table was quite confusing at first, I am used to having my hand cards dealt in front of me on the table, it took me two completely messed up hands to realise that my hole cards were displayed top right, next to the dealer, for two hands I had been betting on the flop cards thinking they were my hand!


Once I realised my mistake things went easier. I particularly liked the animations for the chips, as they were bounced across the table, more often to join the dealers stack than my own. This is a really well fleshed out implementation of a Hold'Em table, very slick in its execution, a great gaming environment, one of the better ones I have played recently. There is also a very convenient progressive switch, just to the right of your seating position, it acts as a toggle, and the graphic is a small skull, it's pretty cool.


I will admit that those two bad starting hands threw me a little and it took me a while to build my chip stack and recover, once I did I found the game play to be smooth and un-interrupted, altogether very classy. One thing I did think is that the whole casino has a very web page type feel about it; this makes things very easy to navigate and understand.

blackjack at bodog

Bodog Blackjack: Smooth graphics, extremely fast and hassle-free play.


Once I had finished at the poker table I headed across to the slots, a common theme for me these days as I am becoming more and more fond of playing online slots. I spotted a machine named "Prince of Sherwood", and being an Englishman I couldn't resist it, not with the Robin Hood connotations and all. I was not disappointed and I soon had not only Robin himself spinning around in front of me, but Friar Tuck, Maid Marion and the Sheriff of Nottingham.


This is one of those multiple line machines; I have had good results playing 20 lines at a low wager per line, ok no real big payouts but good fun to win almost every spin of the reels. I tried out the auto play feature, I don't usually use auto play, I guess I don't trust it, but I found this one to have some very cool features such as setting stop limits and dropping into manual play when the feature play becomes active. Basically a very simple, fun and quite well put together machine to play on.



I have had good results playing 20 lines at a low wager per line


Visiting the cashier is a bit of a shock, I was confronted with the most basic casino backend I have ever encountered. There are just 4 text links, but these 4 links lead you to areas of the cashier system that do everything you could possibly need to do, all of the major payment gateways are present, it's just a very streamlined process to access them, something we don't really see that often with online casinos who like to splash graphics and sound across every section of their gaming software.


Indeed, the whole Bodog Casino experience is one of minimalistic simplicity, purely functional software for the serious gambler. The exceptions to this are the gaming tables and games themselves which are produced to a very high standard. The subtle animations at table are really a pleasure to see; nicely understated they improve the appearance without distracting the eye or concentration over much.


Would I recommend Bodog Casino? I think that I would, not for any single apparent reason, and although the signup bonus is a little light, it is made up for by how well the gaming system works. So yes, if you are serious about your online gambling, are sick of loud soundtracks and over the top graphics, and are interested in well implemented and fun to play games then this may be the casino for you. Simple, professional, well presented gambling fun.


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