Basic Blackjack Strategy

The Basic strategy revolves around the odds

If you are a beginner in the game of blackjack then you should swiftly equip yourself with basic blackjack strategy. You have to understand that the game of blackjack is all about the odds. You are constantly going to ask yourself, “What are my chances of winning this hand?”


Basic blackjack strategy will revolve around how you can get as close to 21 without going over it. You should not go into a blackjack game and ask for more cards blindly nor should you go into a blackjack game and merely hope to win. You have to know how to win. Sometimes it is not about winning but playing the right way. If you keep taking high risk decisions and you win, you are not guaranteed that you will keep winning most of the time. You have to know how to tip the odds to your favour so that you will have more wins than losses in the long run.


Basic strategy of blackjck
21 and 16


Calculating the odds to hit 21

In basic blackjack strategy, you have to know how to calculate your odds of winning. Your goal is to get as close to twenty one without going over it. Do not think about the dealer first, you can worry about the dealer later on. Assume that there are fifty two cards in the deck. You are dealt two cards. If you get a three and a five, what are your chances of getting an ace, or another five? First, you have to subtract the number of cards that are out of the deck and come up with your correct denominator.


Assume that you are playing by yourself. With two cards out, what is your correct denominator? It is fifty because fifty two minus two cards is fifty. Now you calculate your numerator. If you want to know the odds of getting another five then you simply subtract the five-card that you have from the remaining fives in the deck. There are three fives left in the deck so the probability of getting another five is three out of fifty. Now practice. If you have a four and a six on your hand, what are the odds of getting a twenty one or a twenty on the next card? There are four tens, twelve face cards, and four aces in the deck. Add them all up and divide it by fifty and you will end up with twenty over fifty or forty percent.


Calculating the odds when there’s a dealer and there are other players

You want to tip the odds to your favour. Your basic blackjack strategy is to increase your chances of winning. The basic blackjack strategy is to increase your probability of getting as close as possible to twenty one. Remember that you have to subtract the number of cards left in the deck and subtract the probability of getting the shown card by the dealer. If the dealer shows a three then subtract this from the probability of getting a three. If there are four other players then remember to subtract twelve from the denominator. Do the math.




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