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I was first tempted to give BlackJack Ballroom a shot due to their rather novel signup bonus. Unlike most gambling sites, BlackJack Ballroom offer not only free cash as a signup bonus, but free time as well. They will give you $500 as your signup bonus and then give you 1 hour of free play time in which you just cannot lose your original stake.


It took me a while to work out what this actually meant, but once I had gotten my head around it, I realised that Blackjack Ballroom have put quite a bit of effort into designing a unique form of signup bonus. Ok so BlackJack Ballroom are not offering the huge signup bonus seen on some of the other large online casino sites, but they are offering one that can be quite profitable. Although you should note that the minimum wager is 30 times the bonus before you can cash it out.


Welcome to Blackjack Ballroom

I was impressed by the interface of Euro Grand, the colour scheme chosen is very restful on the eye.

Sign up bonus at Euro Grand



Installing the software follows the usual setup, whereby you download a little installer application, about 500k in size, this ends up on your desktop and you then run it, what happens next is the installer will download the game client and then start the install routine proper. Quite straightforward and once finished you are presented with a nice little flash animated intro screen. The FlashAX installer is integrated into the software and you will be prompted to install it if you do not have it already. The level of graphics presented at the start up screen ad indicative of the overall high level of visuals across the board, very slick, very professional, and very cool.


Once you have finished installing the game client, on first run, you will be prompted to create an account, you also have the option of creating a guest account, purely for fun play, this is a nice option for those of you who would like to test a casino before playing it. Once you have completed the account setup you can log in to the casino for real and start playing. Upon choosing a game to play, the software will download it; you are free to hide the download and continue to play a different game until it is completed.


The blackjack table

This is the best representation of a BlackJack table I have ever seen in an online casino.

Sign up bonus at Euro Grand



With a name like BlackJack Ballroom, I just had to try out a BlackJack table, and I was not disappointed. This is the best representation of a BlackJack table I have ever seen in an online casino. The graphics are great, the animations of the cards is very slick. The game progresses at a good rate, not slow like some casinos, this makes the whole experience feel very crisp. There is also a very neat little set of windows that show you the status of your current hand and bets; it indicates your total stake, and how much you are likely to win should you take the hand. Another very cute feature is the stats window, clicking the stats button will pop open a small browser window showing you all sorts of statistics about the current table session.


All in all I had a real fun time playing at the BlackJack table, arguably the best experience I have ever had from an online casino, very realistic.
After playing far too many hands of BlackJack I decided to take a trip to the slots, I never used to like online slots, but recently I have changed my mind, and it is casinos like this one that have made me think again.


I chose to play the Tomb Raider slot, and what an impressive piece of work this is. You get a wonderful intro movie (which may be skipped) showing Lara Croft in all her feminine beauty, jumping around a slot machine. The actual machine itself is crafted to a very high level of professionalism, real sweet to play. I played 22 lines at a spin on this machine and had a great time trying to work out how wins paid. The sound and graphics really did a lot to make this play session a very good one, highly recommended. In fact, I am going to go back later and play some more, I liked this machine so much, a very fun online slot to play.


The cashier screen is somewhat basic, but this is not a bad thing, it is very easy to navigate and all of the major deposit and withdrawal options are present. I certainly would not have any worries in using this financial gateway; it forgoes all of the usual graphic chic, and instead provides simple, easy to use options. Also there is a live chat support system in place, this is something else I think is a great addition to any online casino, I just wish more of them would adopt the idea, it is very reassuring to know that there is somebody on hand to answer your questions almost instantly if you need them.


My overall impression of BlackJack Ballroom was a good one; the innovative form of signup bonus went a long way to boost my opinion. The software, whilst not exceptional, is very well developed, and graphically it is superb. Indeed, the graphics and animations are almost perfect, just enough to keep you entertained, not enough to break your concentration when playing a game. If you are looking for a new casino to play I can definitely recommend giving this one a try.


Sign up bonus at Euro Grand