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When I approached Casino-On-Net for review purposes, I was somewhat surprised by their sign up bonus, there is nothing wrong with it in its own right, they just do not offer the same set of large sign up bonus options as other competing sites. Casino-On-Net offer but a single sign up bonus of 100% of your first deposit up to a limit of $200. This initially looks to be far less than many other sites, it was not until I started to play Casino-On-Net that I realised the sign up bonus is not intended to be their main way of wining new customers. Read the rest of this review and find out why I forgive them completely for not offering such large amounts of free cash as other casinos.



Casino-On-Net is hands down the single best online casino I have ever played.


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Installing the client software followed the usual pattern we see with most online casinos. I download a small installer application which I then ran to start the client download. I noticed that the download was quite a lot larger than an online casino client would usually be; this was my first clue that Casino-On-Net was going to be something different. Once the download has finished the installer fired up and a short while later everything was complete. A very nice and simple process from start to finish. Running the client for the first time will take you to the new customer registration screen. Nothing very different here, the normal questions are asked, and once you have completed registration you are sent to the login screen. Enter your username and password and you are then into the casino for real.


The lobby at Casino-On-Net

Casino-On-Net has an incredibly slick and well designed interface. You can play blackjack as well as many other great casino games.



After logging in I was presented with an incredibly slick and well designed interface, this is without a doubt the best developed casino client I have ever seen. My particularly favourite feature was the background downloading of content I did not have installed. It seems the installation routine installs the key games initially and then will stream the download of the rest of the software behind the scenes whilst you play. A game that has yet to be downloaded will have a greyed out icon, clicking on that icon will start the game downloading; alternatively you can just play another game for a while whilst the client finishes downloading everything behind the scenes. This is the best example of software delivery I have seen in an online casino ever. This kind of attention to technical details leaves me with the feeling that this particular casino has spent a lot of effort in making sure that players are provided with a top notch gaming experience.


Million Dollar Genie

I was completely hooked by a very special slot game named "Million Dollar Genie"


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Moving onto actual gaming, I must admit I was completely hooked by a very special slot game named "Million Dollar Genie". This is a very complicated, extremely high payout machine. Indeed, after 30 minutes of play I was still not sure how everything worked. If slots are your thing you will love this game, I have never been a huge fan of slots but this had me hooked, I just could not stop playing it! Every time I decided I should try another game I found myself thinking ok, just a few more spins.


I then decided to try some other slots, as the graphics of the client were so good I decided to head off to the video slots room. I used to love playing video poker on an old poker machine in a bar close to where I used to live in the UK. I was completely overwhelmed to find a reconstructed emulation of the very same machine in the video slots room. That was it for me, I was lost for a couple of hours as I played video poker non-stop. This was possibly the most fun thing I have ever encountered in an online casino; it really took me back about a decade to play this classic video poker machine once again. Other video slots including a really fun Hollywood superstar match up game, it was hilarious to see Marilyn Munroe and Humphrey Bogart spinning around on the reels, and again I played this for quite some time just for the fun factor.


Blonde legend

If you love Marilyn Monroe, you have to play Blonde Legend!




Checking out the cashier option I found it to be of the same high quality as the rest of the game client, completely polished in every sense. I felt very safe using this software and have no doubts that it is secure. Although not offering quite so many deposit and withdrawal options as some other casinos, all of the main funding avenues were present.


So although Casino-On-Net does not offer quite so much in the way of sign up bonus as many other gaming sites, it does make up for this by supplying an amazingly high quality piece of software as the gaming client. I really cannot stress how impressed I was with the way everything worked, there were no glitches and everything just screams high quality at you. I would be interested to know how long it has taken the developers to reach this high standard; it certainly is far above the norm.


If high quality, and fun to play online casino games are something you like then you really must try out Casino-On-Net, it is hands down the single best online casino I have ever played and I will definitely be going back to play it some more.


Yours - Gambling Jack


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