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Club USA Casinos offer a slightly higher new player signup bonus than most, this being a $750 chunk of free cash, but with the usual 30 times the bonus size minimum wager before withdrawal. Whilst this is not the best signup bonus I have ever seen, it does show that Club USA Casinos have made an effort to give the new player something better than the competition. Another thing that jumped out at me whilst considering to sign up for Club USA Casinos is the fact they certified for fair game play and supply 24/7 customer support.


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My general opinion of Club USA Casinos is pretty high.


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These two things override any lack in signup bonus found at Club USA Casinos in my book. I had a great feeling of security when reviewing the help section on their website, they really do seem to be very customer focused, something quite lacking in certain other large online casinos.


As with most online casinos software, you have to download a small application first; this is saved to your desktop, running this application will start the full download of the game client, nothing very large and should only take a few minutes to download across a modern internet connection. The install routing itself will fire up automatically once the download is completed. All simple stuff, nothing technical, you should be up and running within minutes.


Once you have installed the software, you can then run it from your start menu. You will be presented with a very cool looking splash page before being asked to create a new account. The first thing I thought when I saw the login page was "cyber punk", the software has a very high tech look about it, everything from the graphics to the sound is very 21st century technology orientated. It looks and sounds exciting, so I was keen to find out if it was as exciting to play this casino as the presentation lead me to believe. After creating an account you go back to the main screen, unlike many online casinos, there is no profusion of impressive graphics and animated icons for each game, instead you will find some simple menus, easy to use and very easy to understand. My only slight gripe is that choosing a game you have not played before means you have to wait for the game client to download that particular feature; there is no background download similar to that which other game clients offer.


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Draw Poker

I was pleased to see a version of draw poker offered as a game at Club USA Casino.


I had been playing BlackJack all morning, so decided to give the poker table a spin. I was pleased to see a version of draw poker offered as a game; quite often we only see Hold'Em variations and some of the more, newer, exotic variations of poker. So there I was, sitting at a Caribbean Draw Poker table with a fresh new stack of chips. I have loved draw poker since I was a child, I was taught the game by a London Casino croupier when I was around 10 years old, we played every Friday night for my pocket money for several years, it took quite some time before I became good enough to actually wake up on a Saturday morning with any of my pocket money left. So you can imagine, I feel quite confident playing draw poker.


I have to admit, playing a computer poses some fresh challenges, the human aspects of the game are completely removed, and you really have to play by the numbers. It came as quite a surprise that I must have been living off my ability to bluff at poker and play the players so to speak, as it took no time at all for me to lose my little pile of chips. I have to say though, the game table is well presented, and it was fun losing!



The slot machines looked really good, lots of colour, very hypnotic as the reels spin around.




Taking my remaining chips from the poker table, I decided to try out the slots, I am developing quite a taste for online slots lately, so was looking forward to a spin or ten. I chose the "Crystal Waters" slot, from the real slot collection, this is a digital representation of a classic slot machine. It looked really good, lots of colour, very hypnotic as the reels spin around. I played 20 lines at a spin on this machine, I find this a really fun way to play, very confusing, especially on a machine you have never played before. I had an excellent time of it, at one stage I actually won on 7 lines in the same spin! Quite a surprise to see something like that happen. And all the time that 4k jackpot blinking at me, oh well, maybe one day.


I checked out the cashier section quite thoroughly, nothing new here, just good, standard payment and withdrawal options, all accessed through a secure interface, tried and tested technology that can be trusted. I actually feel that casinos that forego all the graphics and animations to present a simple and un-cluttered cashier interface have the right of it. We don't need eye candy whilst we are depositing or withdrawing money, I much prefer something simple that means I am less likely to make a mistake.


My general opinion of Club USA Casinos is pretty high, all very standard stuff, nothing strikes me as new or clever, where it does win is in the familiarity department. Because it follows tried and tested online casino themes, there is no learning curve. I would recommend it if you are the kind of person who doesn't like changes or potentially confusing additions to an online casino.


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