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In some casinos - NOT online - the dealer will look at the card before turning it around. Thats your chance! Blackjack hints are gestures, actions, and decisions that give you clues to win the game. You have to be sensitive to these blackjack hints if you want to win. Sensitivity is developed as you play more and more blackjack. As you get more and more experienced in the game of blackjack, you will learn how to read and pay attention to blackjack hints that other less experienced players may miss out on. With sensitivity, you will learn how to read other players and the dealer. You will get an idea of what kind of cards your opponent has. You will get an idea of what kind of cards the dealer has. With sensitivity and paying attention to what is happening around you, you can actually become a very versatile and proficient blackjack player.


blackjack hints
Facial expressions of the dealer


Reading the dealer’s face

What are some of the blackjack hints that you might want to pay attention to while you play? One of the small things that you have to notice is the dealer’s face. You are not going to determine whether the dealer is attractive or not although if the dealer is an attractive person then you should enjoy trying to observe that person. When you look at the dealer’s face, you have to pay attention to the small smirks or smiles that they might show when they look at their card. If the dealer is stoic then you will have a hard time reading them.


Hence, the term “poker face” is used because the person’s face is literally unreadable. You can’t seem to tell if they are happy, sad, or frustrated with their cards. More often than not, you will be able to read the dealer because they are all human too. Pay attention to the emotions of the dealer. When they smile or when they appear to be happy then you can sense some confidence in their cards. You may want to back off when they are confident. When you sense fear or uncertainty then this may be your opportunity to be aggressive and make things more interesting. Make sure you are familiar with the betting systems being used before you start being cocky at the game. There are a lot of betting systems in blackjack and you have to be familiar with these betting systems in order to make correct reads.


Observe the small actions of the dealer

The actions of the dealer are also blackjack hints that you have to pay attention to. One of the small things that you have to observe is the manner in which the dealer checks the cards. Is the dealer checking the unturned card quickly or is the dealer taking some time in checking the card. Know that it is hard to distinguish an ace from a four from a distance and it is easy to identify a face card from a distance. This information can allow you to get blackjack hints from the current game. Pay attention to these small things and your diligence with blackjack hints may give you the edge to win




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