Not very well known gambling games




Faro is a card game evolved from Basset. It enjoyed great popularity aroundt 300 years ago, particularly in Europe, and 200 years ago in the United States, where it was practiced by so called 'Faro dealers' such as the famous Doc Holliday. It has since fallen out of fashion. Its name comes from pharaoh, and refers to the Egyptian so called motif that commonly moved to French playing cards in that time.


In its basic form, the Faro gambling table is a long rectangle. It is like most other gambling tables covered in green felt, and laid upon this felt is the lay-out - This is a complete suit of Spades - actually glued to the table. The cards are laid out in two straight rows, from left to right. The Ace through Six is on the lower row, the Seven is on the right, in the middle between the upper and lower row, and the Eight through King is on the upper row. This is the basic table. Today you only see faro very rarely in the casinos.